Stop It! – 6 Keys to Time Management

One of Brian Tracy’s key tips in Time Management is to stop doing things that are not bringing value to your business or personal life. How many tasks do we do – day in and day out – that ultimately don’t add value to our lives? We used to run these huge reports every day, week and month at one of my prior jobs and they’d just sit at the printer. I had the print jobs stopped and just saved to an electronic file to see if anyone was using them. Amazing – but no one seemed to miss most of them!

I have been blogging weekly for 6 months and I’ve decided that I’m not getting a lot of value out of this so I’m going to stop for now. I certainly appreciate the comments, shares and likes to my blogs. I hope some of the tips, humor and suggestions I shared helped someone somewhere to improve their business or their outlook on life.

Some of Brian’s other time management tips:

  • Work on the big payback items first
  • Delegate to others those tasks that you don’t personally need to perform
  • Rank your to do list from A to D – never do a B task if there is an A task on your list
  • Block out large chunks of time for your big tasks
  • FOCUS --- don’t multitask --- put all your efforts on finishing that one big task that’s going to get you that sale, pay raise, project completion, etc.

Contact me for more info on Time Management – including a great course called “Eat that Frog”.

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