Being late is disrespectful. You are telling the person or people that you are to meet that they are not important to you, that you have other more pressing matters that need your attention and it implies that you can’t manage your time.

You may think that this is a bit of an exaggeration and I may be a bit tainted because in the military if you don’t hit your timeline someone’s life could literally be in danger. Actions have consequences and being late has consequences – attendees in a meeting may have to repeat what has already been discussed, you may have missed out on connecting with your Team members before the meeting kicked off or you may simply have annoyed the person you were to meet.

I get it – there are times that circumstances beyond your control cause you to be late. That happens! Consistently being late however, is just rude. Here’s a couple tips to help you be on time:

  • Book your meetings for 45 minutes vs. an hour to allow for time between meetings
  • Schedule adequate travel time into your calendar for offsite meetings
  • End your meetings on time
  • Plan to arrive early and use the time to read a book, make a phone call or take a walk for a few minutes before your scheduled meeting
  • Say “NO”! You don’t have to be in every meeting to which you are invited.

Many companies simply tolerate being late by making excuses. Take control. Lead by Example and watch how much more efficient your Company can be!


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