Patience is a Virtue – Especially when starting a New Business

This past weekend my son, Blake, and I traveled to my hometown of Independence, WI for the annual ice fishing contest. My hometown has a population of about 1,300 and I think every one of the residents was on the ice trying to catch “Old Bugler” and win $10,000. This was the biggest crowd I have ever seen on the ice for this event.

I, of course, was trying to determine how I could tie this event into my weekly blog… and BAM …. Patience! The willingness to sit on a 5-gallon bucket turned upside down and wait for a fish to bite when the temperature is 10 degrees takes some serious patience even when consuming an alcoholic beverage or two!

It reminds me of the patience required to start a business. It’s hard to sometimes sit back and let your services sell themselves and NOT jump up and down and yell “HIRE ME!” when you know that you could bring amazing amounts of value to a Prospect. As Michael Port states in his book, Book Yourself Solid: “Marketing and sales isn’t about trying to persuade, coerce, or manipulate people into buying your services. It’s about putting yourself out in front of and offering your services to those who you are meant to serve ---- people who already need and are looking for your services.”

“Business coaching is bought and not sold” – if you want to take your business to the next level give me a call at 414-418-8912 and lets patiently discuss how to achieve your goals. Check out my website at Be Strategic!


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