Outsourcing – Is it Right for Your Business?

Many businesses don’t want to think about outsourcing nonessential functions to vendors outside of their organization. Outsourcing is thought to be downsizing or offshoring work but more than likely you already are outsourcing. If you pay a landscaping service to maintain your lawn or pay to have your office cleaned, you are outsourcing. You could hire an employee to do these functions, but you have decided these tasks are not core to your business – Great idea!

2018 may be the year to analyze your business functions to determine if you could be more efficient and profitable if you could focus on what’s truly important to your product or service. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Print & Mail – if you are printing your own billing statements, reports or other customer letters and documents you are paying more than you would if you hired a vendor to do it. Print vendors can significantly save you postage, recommend ways to print less and bring best practices to your business for encouraging customers to go paperless and save even more money.
  • IT – Managed IT Services are all the rage, but this model should seriously be considered for most business with less than 50 people. Having one IT person on staff that is an expert at hardware, servers, data security, networks and compliance plus “the helpdesk guru” is simply cost prohibitive and the person probably doesn’t exist! Pricing structures for these services varies significantly – watch for itemized pricing for helpdesk calls as these quickly add up to extra fees each month. There are some companies that have flat rate services and I have had a great experience with such a partner.
  • Account Receivable Management – If you are writing off uncollectible balances or if your Team is making many collection calls or sending late notices this is an area to consider. I am not referring to a collection agency. There are firms that can assume all aspects of receivables management to include billing. I have experienced significant reductions in write offs and was able to provide better customer service in two of my previous positions by finding a reliable accounts receivable partner.

Are you ready to think differently about your company’s noncore functions? Then give me a call and let’s start to positively impact your bottom line today!


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