Navigational Conversations

I am obtaining my certification for the Navigational Conversations program from Leadscape Learning. This is a two-day program targeted for leaders of all levels but especially for people new to their leadership roles. This program transitions leaders from problem solvers to coaches. Why you need this Program:

  • Doing too much work that should be delegated
  • Untapped potential in your workplace
  • Need help with retention of high performing individual contributors
  • You want to integrate feedback with coaching
  • A fast and simple program that’s fun

How many of you have gone to a conference or training and gained great insights or ideas on how to implement into your workplace and then never get it done because you are just too busy? I also add follow up visits to ensure that the content is being used after the training. This can be tailored to your organization, but I recommend 2 weeks, then 4 weeks and then 2 months for one hour to meet with the attendees from the training to ensure that what was learned is being utilized!

This program can pay for itself by reduced attrition, more evenly distributed workloads to increase productivity and a new focus on the development of emerging leaders.

My certification will be completed by the end of February 2018. Contact me for more information at . Lead on!


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