Grow Your Business This Spring

Spring your Business Forward

I saw my first Robin today, so it must be Spring! Plus pushing the clock forward an hour makes the days seem longer and more productive. Just three more weeks and the first quarter of 2018 will be in the books! Now is a good time to grow your business. One of the most overlooked sources of new customers and clients are your EXISTING customers and clients. Have you tapped into this pool? Here are some ideas how to make your existing customers and clients market for you:

  1. Ask – have your customer service Team or your sales Team reach out to your existing customers. Give them a call to check in to see how 2018 is starting out for them, ensure they are satisfied with your product or service and then ASK them for a referral. “Do you know anyone that could also use …. ? “ You never know!
  2. Provide an incentive – put a referral slip in your newsletter or with your invoice statements and offer a discount off their next purchase or give them a pen, t-shirt or notepad with your company’s logo and name on it for each qualified referral. Might even get some additional marketing out of the deal!
  3. Use social media - offer customers tickets for a raffle to win a TV, free service, something fun if they like and/or share your page on Facebook or post a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Turn your current customers into a marketing powerhouse!

Contact me for more information on pulling your six levers in your business’ WAY TO WEALTH. Happy Spring!



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