Goals – Get the New Year started on the Right Track

Happy New Year! If you haven’t documented your 2018 goals what are you waiting for? I see three simple steps to tripling the chance you’ll hit your goals in 2018.

  1. DOCUMENT your goals. Write or type out in specific detail your top 3 to 4 goals. More than 4 goals reduces the focus needed to hit your targets so fight off the urge to overdo it. You can always add more goals later in the year – there’s no rule you can only set goals at the beginning of the year. Ensure that you specify a target date for the completion of your goal and if you can set benchmarks throughout the year. For example, if your goal is to acquire 10 new clients in 2018 then set reasonable goals for each month --- I’d suggest one new client per month so there is a bit of cushion built into your plan.
  2. MEASURE, track and post results of your progress. I am always astonished how simply measuring a result or process can lead to improvements. A quick example – we were having an issue with too many calls going to voicemail – we found a way to count the number of voicemails on each employee’s extension and started sharing this information and immediately the number of calls going to employees’ individual voicemail decreased by over 50%!
  3. SUSTAIN the momentum throughout the year. This is the hardest of the three steps but the most important to ensure goal attainment. Ensure that you celebrate achievements along the way and keep reporting out the results consistently throughout the year. Review the week’s results, tweak what’s not working and emphasize what is working and keep on towards your goal.

There it is! Easy as 1…2…3 Business coaches help leaders stay on track for their goal attainment throughout the year. Contact me and let’s get your business goals on track for 2018 by using the FocalPoint Coaching curriculum powered by Brian Tracy. Lead to Succeed!


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