Clear Vision of a Champion

There are many articles that speak to the positive energy your mind can have over events. Thinking through an interview, sales call, sporting event or even a disciplinary talk with your kid can help you project a positive outcome.

Google “Positive Thinking Impact on Sports” and 11.4 million results are found. The number of coaches and athletes that use the power of thinking through their game and envision a positive outcome beforehand is huge. This self-talk, the voice inside your head, really can influence your game. The important factor is focusing on positive … not negative thoughts. A baseball player thinking through how he’s going to approach every type of pitch, a basketball player imagining how she’s going to approach every free throw on the line and hearing that crack of the bat or the swish of the net in their mind has an impact.

I recently listened to Brian Tracy’s audio book, The Psychology of Selling, and used this vision exercise to successfully sign a coaching client. I imagined the entire conversation in my head over 30 times before that first meeting. I focused on how FocalPoint Business Coaching and my CPA experience would help his successful company be more efficient, have better plans and be able to track his projects timelier and make more informed decisions. It really worked!

Contact me for more information on Brian Tracy’s “Superior Selling Skills” program and how it can help you land more sales.

Every Champion has a Coach!



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