Are You in Balance?

Are You in Balance?

Identifying your starting point is the first step in planning your future – be it your business, career or your personal life. Achieving balance leads to higher productivity, more success and a more fulfilling life. FocalPoint Coaching & Training has a great tool that helps visualize how in balance you are. It’s called Diamond Mining. Rate each of the four life elements on a scale of 1 – 10 and then connect the dots. Do you have a perfect diamond? Most people do not.

The story is familiar. The successful business person has a great job, great career and maybe even their own thriving business but has put in long hours and significantly neglected their health and family. That life style is hard to sustain both for the business person and their family members and friends.

A Business Coach helps to frame up this exercise with business owners and leaders by asking probing questions that many times are uncomfortable. This is like a Personal Trainer who focuses your workout so that you really feel your muscles stretching and tightening after a harder workout than you would ever do on your own.

Some of the questions we ask may include:

  • Why did you go into business on your own?
  • What was your goal when you started your business?
  • Have you achieved that goal? If not, why not? If so, why not more?
  • Are you successful?

A Business Coach pushes successful people to be even more successful. Contact me to help you get back in balance.



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