3 Keys of Successful People

Over the past several months I have been listening, reading and absorbing a vast amount of Brian Tracy’s material. Brian Tracy founded the FocalPoint Coaching and Training franchise that I recently joined. One of Brian’s most influential topics is on why people are successful. He asks the question: Why can one person be more successful than the next person who may have a better education, more stable family upbringing and even better training? The three top attributes to success I picked out of Brian’s curriculum are listed below:

  1. Goals – Brian cites study after study on how people who have clear written goals are much more successful than those who do not. He cites only 3% of people having written goals early in their adult life and that the other 97% work for them! Goals must be clear, concise, measurable and realistic. A goal for a happy and healthy life is not a goal – it is a dream. Make sure your goals are SMART!
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Aligned with you Values
    • Realistic
    • Time-bound
  2. Mental Health – Successful people like themselves. People who like themselves attract people to them that help them become more successful. Brain Tracy states that 80% of success is mental – having the right state of mind to take chances, evaluate circumstances and believe in yourself to make things happen. Say to yourself repeatedly… “I LIKE MYSELF! I LIKE MYSELF! I LIKE MYSELF!”
  3. Persistence – Find a successful person and you more than likely also found a person who has failed a lot. Failure is a prerequisite for success. People who are successful have the persistence to try and try until they get it right. Others may say it’s luck or being in the right place at the right time but it’s persistence that make people successful. They don’t stop. They don’t let one or two or three bumps along the road stop them. They learn from failures.

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