It’s almost Valentine’s Day. How are you doing with your 2018 goals? If you are like most people you have given up on your new year’s resolutions and probably haven’t thought too much about the goals you set at the beginning of the year as that crazy thing called life has taken over. This week I have two things for you to consider in assisting you get back on track with your 2018 goals.

First – mini habits – this is a new thing I’ve been trying this year. The idea is to identify two or three very small things that help you towards your overall goal. For example, I’m trying to be healthier, so I want to ensure I take my vitamin every day, drink my morning fiber and protein shake and stop eating in my car. Each day I ensure I’m doing these three small things to help achieve my overall goal of being healthier in 2018. Research has shown that it takes between 21 and 66 days for behaviors to become habits. As these three things become a habit – at the end of March I’ll add three new mini habits in the overall quest for a healthier year.

Second – I bought a plain notebook and I’m journaling every day. Right now, it’s more of a business and personal to do list but I’m also using it to document who I’ve met, things I’ve learned, ideas for my business, etc. I’ve found that on days that I put more effort into my journaling I’m 10 times more productive. Ideally journaling first thing in the morning and last thing at night helps me stay on track the most.

These and many other tips are available through Brian Tracy training courses which I will soon be certified to present. Contact me at bbautch@focalpointcoaching.com for more information on Perform at Your Best, Eat that Frog (stopping procrastination), Superior Sales Skills and other training courses available for you and your Team. Keep Learning!


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