1001 Ways to Reward Employees

I found this book on my bookshelf this week. The book made me chuckle as it brought back great memories of working with my Management Team to develop unique ways to make our staff feel appreciated and rewarded. The book is by Bob Nelson and has been around for over 20 years but it’s more applicable today than almost any time before given the low unemployment and the ever increasing need to retain high quality employees. Here’s a couple of the unique things we did in the past to recognize success with our employees:

  • We had a cookout after our Team met some very challenging production and turn around goals for over a month straight. I sat in a dunk tank and let staff throw balls at me and drop me into the icy water.
  • I took my Management Team on a trip to Las Vegas and a limo trip to Chicago after meeting some extremely high goals which included developing new quality standards, increasing production and customer satisfaction scores, targeted staff development and feedback and many other items. The whole Team was involved in lowering our cost to administer policy changes and we could easily demonstrate savings from these improvements.
  • We had some significant inventories of work to complete after an office shut down and a new system implementation and needed to increase production fast. We devised Production Fridays and we’d set out large stacks of work for each employee to complete. After they were done an Auditor would randomly check work to ensure quality. When they finished their stack of work they could leave for the day. We were able to push through massive volumes of work on Fridays and this allowed me to challenge the production standards we had in place for performance ratings. This strategy required close coordination with Human Resources.
  • The biggest incentive was me making pancakes one morning for breakfast for the Teams that met their monthly goals. The first time I did this I only had to make pancakes for a Team of eight people. The whole department was soon making their monthly goals and I was flipping cakes for over 80 people the first week of each month. This was a low-cost incentive that was received extremely well by the staff. There was something about seeing the Director of the department with an apron, a white chef hat and the smell throughout the area that motivated everyone. I did trip a few circuit breakers with the hotplates, but it was well worth it.

Letting the staff see me doing these crazy and sometimes odd things showed them that I personally cared about them and the Department.

What are some of the unique ways you have rewarded employees?

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